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By using UnlockCodes.ie you agree to our terms and conditions. Once your order has been placed on UnlockCodes.ie you confirm your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions.

Unlockcodes.ie can only guarantee that our service will fulfil the customers expectations and be completed if the following criteria are met.
Delivery times: Code delivery times should only be considered as an estimate of how long a service should be delivered. The code delivery times listed on our website can vary and are changed depending on our suppliers server workload. We ensure the fastest delivery time from our side, we will always do our best to release all codes as soon as possible. Code delivery times are estimated based on our suppliers recommendations. At times the server used to calculate the codes can be overloaded with too many requests, in this case the delivery times can be extended by a few days. As soon a as a code is available we will alert you by email. We cannot rush codes, we cannot check on how long the code will take once it has been ordered as they are automatically calculated by the manufactures server and sent to our system.

Order Cancellations:Once the code order has been submitted and paid, it's is IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL CONFIRMED ORDERS WITH OUR SUPPLIERS - in most cases. Most unlocking servers begin processing the order instantly, and at that point we no longer have control over it. In some cases, we might be able to cancel it. But you will have to contact us within an hour of your purchase to see if its possible.
Customers must wait till the whole process ends. A refund can only be processed if the code is unavailable. We are only alerted the code is unavailable when the process is completed. Even if the timeframe have gone over times listed on our website we still cannot guarantee a cancellation. We can contact our rep in the manufactures and ask them to cancel, in most cases they will, however, only then can we confirm if we can cancel and issue a refund. These are the strict terms and conditions for using this service, please ensure you dont order a code unless you 100% agree with these terms.

Guarantees: Customers acknowledge and agree that in case of non-functioning code or any trouble while entering the unlock code, our Customer Service will endeavour to solve any problem a customer may have while attempting to use our service. Customer should ask for support and we will put all our effort to find a solution, either by providing a new unlock code if a mistake is established on our side, either to provide guidelines on how to enter the code. Successful unlocking lies solely with the customer once we provide the code.
Customers will be automatically alerted via email to any change of status to their order. Customers should refer to specific details on delivery times of unlock codes before placing their order. We cannot guarantee that our service will enable the target handset to operate on any specific network. Certain handsets will only work on certain networks because of different GSM frequencies. Generally any phone these days is compatible with all networks worldwide except for some CDMA phone from the US.


Refund Policy: If a code is unavailable then a refund or credits or payment is issued if requested. If a code is issued and you claim it does not work we reserve the right to seek further evidence to support the customers claim that the codes did not unlock their mobile phone.   
A refund will only be issued if proof is supplied that the code does not work, this evidence is passed to our suppliers who refund us, then we refund you. Payment are refunded back by the original payment method through Paypal in all cases.
Reason refund would NOT be issued:1) You selected the wrong unlocking service.2) You supplied an incorrect IMEI or incorrect phone details.3) You selected the wrong make or model.4) The phone was already unlocked.5) The phone is/was hardlocked (all unlocking attempts used up)6) You entered the code incorrectly.7) Someone else has tried to unlock your phone before.8) Your phone has software glitch with renders the code useless.9) You fail to follow these terms and conditions in full.10) The phone is faulty and wont allow the unlock to work.11) Your phone is reported lost, stolen, blocked or barred.12) The phone has a security code/passcode.13) The software has been tampered, changed or altered.14) The serial/IMEI No has been tampered, changed or altered.15) Your phone has been reported lost/stolen.16) Your phone has been blocked by the network.17) Your phone is blocked under an Insurance claim. 18) Your phone is a possible counterfeit/clone. 19) Your phone is blocked for non-payment of finance.20) Your phone is blocked for void/non completition of network contract